Saturday, 29 November 2014

November catch up

Hello everyone, been such a long time have been here, I realise that blogging isn't a easy task to do, you have to be devoted to constantly blogging all the time. Blogging requires detail pictures or video, editing, writing up your post or article then upload and post it. Really a hard work to do.
CATCH UP:: I have been so busy the past months after my birthday, from occasion to photoshoting, make-up-not mine, others client.

I had some good spare time out of this little pace, go cinema more less, shopping, watching tvs, spa, got into a new relationship, which is; you know take up your time. This outfits below were when I was on my way there.. So far didn't keep count but I have watched TNMT, mockingjay 1, interstaller.
I will be back for more catch up, in the main time, follow and check me out on Instagram, that's where all the story been happening.. 

                  Sweet love to you all