Monday, 28 April 2014

Point perfection


This was way back last year, trying to do some throwbacks, since my camera is in despair but I have my new cam now so, my next post will be recent, things will be different. The title of the look was inspired because of the pointed red rose flat shoe which is Pointed perfection. It's not really perfect but close to, I love this shoe because it's easy to put on, free air space at the sides and the tip of the shoe is pointed, I got this shoe from Zara last year. In this look I paired with two type of shoe and jacket but one outfit. Got the pants, blazer, long jumper from H&M; I shop there quite often, it's not my favourite shop because it's close by me and their stuff are pretty price worthy. The denim jacket from mango, cream wedge from dunes, bag from Dolce and Gabbana; I love the patterns and detail on the bag. Picture quantity not much but from 5 selected best. They are probably old collections similar item are linked below, Enjoy the pictures leave comments and check soon for more post.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

H&M Collections


Hi guys, it's been a while, this my outfit I wore on my birthday last year, it's all h&m collections from jacket, top, chino pant and shoe. What will i wear this year?

I love the combination put together, I didn't realise it's was all h&m until later checking the labels. This a good example of styling different outfits from same clothing company. Scroll down for clothing info.
I took this picture after finishing eating and my stomach became full. 

The month is closing in and more inspiration and photo shoot will be on the way. All of this outfits are last year trend, not on the website anymore but similar product. Here

Monday, 21 April 2014

The red thing

Hope you'all had a great Easter holiday, it's had come and gone, back to reality. I spent my holiday basically at home, with family, friends, playing games, watching movies, eating. Have actually taken down my hair extensions and put on a ponytail look.

I wore this outfit to the odeon cinema on Saturday; at first i didnt know what to put on, i wanted something not too heavy just classic. Am always on Demin, put on a red soft turtle neck jumper, wear my red canvas from Toms; got it as a birthday gift last year. I spiced it up with red lipstick to even the look.

The london weather had not been really fair at all, it was windy, chilly, little sunshine, So i put on my lovely coat from mango i bought last year, i carried my LV shoulder strap bag, one of my favourite bag to carry. Details of my look are below, there will be more post soon.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Ecstasy Moment..

Hey, Happy Holiday everyone it's nearly weekend which means its Easter, can't wait to eat my Easter chocolate egg. Another fact about is that am obsessed with chocolate. I wore this outfit yesterday for a photo shoot, it lovely and stylish, top it up with a green suede court heel from h&m.

It's like my closet are mostly from h&m and new look, bag from Hermes got it as a gift from a good friend, black high neck lace mini dress from new look, accessories from mango and bijou Brigitte.Make up done by me, I thought I would finish the look by adding a purple lipstick? My friend persuade me to use red lipstick from Mac.

Am not really a fan of red lips but it actually suits me. Am looking forward to the wonderful Easter holiday, maybe I go bowling or start baking, with this outfit you can wear it to occasions life dinner party, red carpet, green carpet, clubbing, but you need to change the bag colour like taking black clutch to really smoothing out the look.

I realised that most of the picture are not clear due to my sony camera falling on the floor while taking a shoot for another outfit, which is gonna be posted next time. So i had to use my phone and i did add a bit of blur to the background. Hopefully the next shoot i will get my new camera from insurance company.

Details of my outfit and below, at the bottom picture i just decided to wear an ankle sock on my heel beside the bag to get more detailed on the shoe and bag. The name of my look was inspired because i was in a happy mood posing for the shoot.

Double cool classic

Double cool classic

Gold cocktail dress
$25 -

Emporio armani jacket
$445 -

Gianvito Rossi pointed toe pumps
$695 -

L K Bennett patent handbag
$310 -

Kendra Scott earrings

Lipsy bow jewelry
$20 -

Wide brim hat
$23 -

MAC Cosmetics lips makeup