Welcome to Jennique Creatives. I'm a female london blogger, a make-up artist, photographer, give  critic and good advice, and a style blogger. I express my love for fashion and quality style everywhere i go.. 

Jennique creative is form from the word 'Jennifer' as the owner's name, who got a 'unique' ideas to create and it’s been combined together after subtracting the last three letters from Jenni 'fer' and the first three letters from 'uni'que."Jenni" "Que". Creatives is added because it involves modifying & creating new fabulous ideas. 

Jennique creatives is not just about personal lifestyle, it’s also about the modern society,every one around it and new trends. 

A little bit about me, am very lovely, happy, easy-going, people's person, lover of music, a bit introverted and i do not judge anyone.

Fashion is broad/general and style is individual. What makes it unique is how i style myself and what i do. 

Am glad to have the opportunity to share my looks, life, and journey with an online community. I am open for joint fashion project.