Saturday, 27 December 2014

Merry christmas

Hello readers, it been such a while I blogged, am posting this from my phone at the moment.. 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. From me I had the longest 6 days holiday ever, I had some fun, eat, drink, sleep, cook, repeat. Opening gifts and breaking of the christmas cracker was my sweet moment, then squash up on the sofa watching movies, alcohol on the hand and shopping online. 

This year 2014 Xmas to me was a success and blissful. Next year 2015 will be abundance, miracle, blessing and more good stuff.

I may not have achieved more, but am grateful so far, am looking forward to the New Year's Eve and what it got in stores. I will catch up soon with you guys later on for a come back.

In the long while my video will be coming up, give away, and Xmas vlog chat.

                       Love jenny