Tuesday, 14 October 2014

In the Chic MID AUTUMN

Hello everyone! we in mid october drawing nearer to winter, the month is finishing slowly and all our expectation are getting closer. I have little to say. 

Hope y'all had been having fun as i am, I have nevered enjoy myself better before as my birthday outings took to a new turn. I recieved gifts from a lot of my friends and others. I went to restuarant like my corner shop, had lots of different cocktails and i watched movies at the cinema like playing a DVD. It was really crazy and fun-like plus i was not paying any dime towards this fun. 

I watched three newly out movies simulstaneously: 
  1. Dracula the untold story,
  2. The maze runner
  3. Tennage mutant ninja turtl. autumn

All these movies were brilliantly intriguing and interesting in their own story. My favourite is the maze runner, its something differnt from our normal hollywod movies, it focus on our teenage youths and their intelligence and ability for them to work together as a team Plus i can not wait to watch the next maze runner 2 by next year.

Anyways am gonna stop and continued next time, i have uploaded a video so go check them out and tell me what you think.
Pink lace-back knitwear from Next/navy trouzer from Primark, Biege blazer from H&M/flat shoe from primark/neck-chain from H&M/Lipstick from MUA

 Thanks for Reading!