Monday, 4 May 2015

Five Shades of Black

Sup everyone checking on my blog..
 Welcome in the lovely month of May!. I havent been here for a long time but i kept updating with a few style collections. The name of this post came about after watching 50 shades of grey, and this pictures had been taken on valentine day. I was so lazy not to come up with a writting for my post.

Rocking my dread on my hair, make up by me, thight from Forever 21, shoe from Zara, jacket from New look, Top from TKmaxx. No link because out of stock ans old season collection,

I havent been blogging for a while because i was going through a bad break up that i just came to finally accept and letting go. My relationship took all of my time out of blogging and social medias.

I met someone back in may last year, we were friends for 4months, got in relationship lasted for 4months and 2months still in a relationship or friendship knowing the cause of break up and its not going to work out.

Finally letting go of each other this april, was not easy because we had a fight. It was so very difficult for me to come to terms with things because i still/was very much in love with him, trusted him with my life. 
The part that got me the most was clearly he had moved on, forgotten about what we had because he nevered really loved me and that he went far as to block me on the social media we share abd communicate, even my phone numbers..

I still feel the hurt here and there even if its been long we havent communicated or see, because the relationship bond i developed with was so real and i enjoyed every moments we share, i never took up his bad moment, the good one was nice..
Am not going to bore you more with my stories, if you want to hear more, let me know and i will do a full article on it..

Thanks for stopping by.
kisses from jenny....