Sunday, 23 August 2015

Monochrome Commingle

Hey lovely readers,

how many time will i say its been such a long time and soon after am not here. unlike last year i was so consistent with my blogging post and motivated, but before now or i can say now am not really 100% certain if i can remain consistent on my blog post.

I want to change some stuff on my blog. such as posting more artistic and editorial work, make-up looks, life aspiration and more others. fashion and style are still my foundations, but less of me appearing. Again you can't tell what i may do. 

First things first, i wanna change the name of my blog, so please give me suggestions? I also want to get a domain name so my blog looks cute.

This outfit is not really a big deal here as i have worn it before at the London fashion week 2014, just restyling it and wearing on a day look. its on my previous post. i have been taking a lot of make up selfies on my phone, but so lazy to blog post them.

On my previous article, i talked about my sad break-up, at now am living the moments even though it still hurts. i have picked up the passe, living my life, but i feel sad few times. No one saids breakup is easy to overcome.

Let me not bore you with my chit chat, make-up done by me, if you interested about the products i used and how i created this, comment below.