Tuesday, 29 December 2015

2015 D Highlights

Hey y'all I just want to post something before we begin something new in 2016. 

Have been laid back on my blog so much and that I know progress and motivation was not going on well. I keep promising that I will always continue this and that. But as the dawn of a new beginning, everything will change; such as having my own blog.com, posting regularly and inspiring you.

My 2015 didn't favour me, but still I will thank my God that I am alive and still breathing. I always take pictures, selfies here and there but not posting them. So lazy.

Everything I wore here was new unless for the coat and jewelries. I always look simple but it's classy each time. Beat face my me, Jeans from primark, jumper and boots from H&M, coat from mango.

For those that has been following on IG know that I always have good times and laugh with my sis around.

I loved pairing this look together that boot was lovely to wear but it hurts on the right sides ankle. I kept pulling the trousers up as its not the jeans that got belt hold. This jumper is my favourite this season, it's not too heavy or light, the olive colour suit me and I like the design.
I almost got the red but I didn't have no money. 
It's good to look nice if not all the times as it makes u feel and stand out.

Lastly, hope y'all had a sweet and good Christmas. I didn't as I was all alone, bored, no tree, no gifts, no cards, no food. Just indoor, sleep all day, eating junk or last night food and  no Tv to watch.
It was so sad for me and even on Boxing Day, no friends to visit or visit me, the only person at my side was my ex, but we acted as normal friends will do. All same, I thank My God for everything still, 

Am gonna stop here, hope u guys have a wonderful New Year celebrations. And I will be back.


Happy New Year

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