Saturday, 14 June 2014

Check Mate

Hi everyone, hope you all are enjoying your weekends and spending time with loved ones.
My style is so different and unique, i do not just shop around just for my blog or for the fun of showing off my new stuff.

This outfit is not new, its just my casual wear, you see i wasn't wearing no make up, so just to say i was going to the local shop; mall or visiting a friend. I do not know how many colours you could see me wearing but they are related one way or another that you won't even notice the colours am wearing.

Check long sleeve from next 2 years ago and still fit, linen dark blue pant from primark, pink vest from primark, red classic from Toms and my beloved Louis vuitton shoulder strap bag. I have plenty of hand bags, different sizes, colour and design. But am not a bag person; meaning i carry cross bag, small bag or repeat my loved bags, perhaps; trousers/jacket pocket preferably.

Thanks for having the time to read my blog, please share it and leave your comments, next post might be my skin care beauty product.

Thanks for reading, come back soon.
XoXo jenny

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