Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Skin-Care and Beauty Products.


Hey guys, have been asked what i use on my skin which makes it glow, look soft and smooth. so i decide to post all my cosmetic and skin care products i use on daily bases. My skin type does not react to any body lotion at all, so i can use and change my body lotion as much as i want.

I have a very dried skin so i tend use use lotion which are oily or has a Shea butter in it. I use three types of cream in in a four season, such as My Garnier summer body lotion during summer,  Vaseline during spring; and My Strawberry Shea butter during Autumn and winter. Due to i use different body lotion, i do not use them on my face, i use baby oil on my face and sometimes i mixed it with my lotion to make it really oily.

However, for my face after removing my make-up using wipes or deep pore cleanser, i exfoliate my face with Neutrogena daily scrub morning and night, at least 4 times in a week. I mainly use Black/Up Paris cosmetics and few of others. 

My current moisturising lotion it give me soft, radiant, sun-kissed looking skin

It help lock moisture to my skin. I use it on my face sometimes mix it with my body lotion.
TIPs: Before applying your foundation to your face, apply baby oil to your face, it lock in your foundation and make it sun-kissed glow and lasting all day.

It helps eliminate spots and blemished with a fresh clean feel, it purifies the skin without over drying.
Shea Butter The body shop
Garnier summer body Boots
Neutrogena Boots
Baby oil Boots
Make-up Black up Paris

All my current make-up products.