Monday, 8 September 2014

Glam it up

Hey sweet people, its yets another week. How was y'all weekend so far? Well this post is all about loooking glamour everyday of ourlifes as we grow. I look good at 60% and the other 40% am looking natural, i love to smile and with that it keeps my face refreshing.

Most of my beauty products i used for this look are Link i love their range and collections. But y'all know i use this for my foundation, lipsticks and powder. Am thinking of changing my foundation to some other brands. I keep my makeup moderate and cool, not too eyeopening.

This is day - evening look, to make it evening change the lipstick colour to darker lipstick which will make your face more pronounced. This just a typical hollowood makeup look.

 How i do my make up;
  1. Outline your eyebrow, conceal/highlight underneat your brow bone.
  2. Apply your desire eyeshadow. i always like to do this in other to remove fall out before applying foundation.
  3. Apply eyelinner and mascara.
  4. Apply concealer around your eye, in between your eyebrow down to your nose and jaws.
  5. Apply your fondation to the darker parts of your face and blend into the conceled parts
  6. Quickly set your foundation with your loose foundation powder or compac powder.
  7. Apply your blusher just the apple of your cheek bone. Use your desired skin colour blush.
  8. Bronze underneat your cheek bone towards your ear out.
  9. Bronze glow top sides of your cheek bone and top of your ''V'' lip shape.
  10. Apply lipstick from lighter to darker colours or lip-gloss plus you could even lip line your lips for more edgy lips.

Thanks for Reading check back soon.