Sunday, 28 September 2014


Hey guys its been such a long week i haven't post or visit you guys. From me am very sorry about that and its all due to personal life stuff and others. Am back but its not guaranteed a regular post due to working life. This is my late London fashion week day 5 outfit post which took place around selected London fashion houses from on the 12th to 16th of September. This outfit is an old outfit restyled so it was basically my OOTD.
On that day, i kinda lost for purple so i decided to wear purple lipstick, eyeshadow and take on purple purse. It was really packed  full of bloggers, designers, models, medias and others. I had few chat with other people and took a selfie photo with the swatch free photo boot and headed home.
This Tuesday 30/09 its my birthday, so am expecting my birthday messages from you guys. Am gonna celebrate in style, got few things planned out, started celebrating this Sunday till first weekend of October. Also am gonna do a haul video and others which are coming up soon. so check back soon..Thanks for your loyalty.

Thanks for your come back..