Monday, 19 May 2014

Pardon My Swag

Hey guys, its been a while i checked my blog or post but now am releasing this bombshell look. it was windy and a selfish sunshine. I opted for this look, T-shirt on ripped jeans, heel and clutch. I put on a simple make up look but made my lip so dramatically shinning green that goes with my court heel. #nofiltre.


I actually use one outfit but change my heel for a vans, add on my blazer and changed my lipstick because it was too dramatic to walk around. My title of this look came about the written words on my top spelled 'Pardon My Swag'. Boyfriend jeans from primark, top, blazer and court shoe from h&m, clutch from new look, sneakers from Vans shoe.

Thanks for visiting, XoXo