Monday, 28 July 2014

20 Random facts about me


I was tagged by to do my random fact,--- so here's my random facts you want to know about jenny.

1) Am naturally fat, my both parents are fat but I could change it by consistent exercise or maintain my current size.

2) I love spending, basically i hardly save.

3) I sleep with the duvet on from january to december..

4) I obsessed with chocolaty snacks and drinks.

5) when I buy new stuff, I do not wear them instantly I always think to wear them at special occasion such as birthday, party, interview, social gathering But gonna stop doing now.

6) I do love cooking and baking when am hungry.

7) I go to cinema literally when I new movie am interested in is out. Such as if the guardians of the galaxy is out plus Hercules at the same day, I watched them the same day. 

8) When I watched anything films, I tend not to watch them again, maybe after a year.   
I love watching horror even at the middle of the night, actions, thriller, comedy, Disney, family and few others.

9) I love listening to music and singing along. I can not do things faster or concentrate proper without music. I can even be put to sleep my music. I love playing capital fm at home, in car and on my phone. 

10) I do not like to read a big bunch of novel or any book, I feel it's a waste of time. The only way I get to read them books, is if the first two pages grab my interest and attention, then I will be eager to finish the book. Also if I been given a project about a book to finish and write a story out of it, that's is the only way I read large book. This is why I haven't read 50 shades of grey. 

11) My other skills is computing, basically I know everything about a computer in and out, I do give classes of it to people at times. But the mechanical work, I do not do that. I have completed an oracle course.

12) I love driving and swimming but do not really know how to swim fully.

13) I love playing games both technical, electronic, physically, it's challenges my brain in order to think, act fast. And enlightened me more. So I think I could survive in the 21 days challenge of naked and afraid.

14)  I love sleeping, giving the chance i might slept for 24hours.

I could not do up to 20 because i couldnt think of other facts to put on. Thanks for reading..

Am gooing to tagged the following people to do facts about themselves so i get to know them more;