Thursday, 10 July 2014

Food for thought

Hello everyone, my posting have been so delayed lately due to me very busy with work and personal stuff, so my blog is lacking behind. I thank you guys for still keeping the spirit to visit my blog and leave a lovely comment, I appreciate, when am through with what am doing soon, I will return the gesture and try to catch up with you guys latest post. You guys know am not normally withheld from visiting your blogs back.

Regarding my last writing I talked about having a new hairstyle, yes! I have achieved that and I can't wait to take some pictures and blog it. But there is a sneak pic of my new hairstyle on my Instagram, please check it out and follow me on social media, I will return the favour. At the moment I haven't done any shoot, so I have one more pictures to blog about next week probably.

Today post is a food for thought, one of the food I like to eat on a Saturday morning. This food is very easy to prepare, no need to stress yourself too much. To get the accurate texture and colour, follow my steps below:
1) Get the following stuff from your local groceries store;
(a) tomatoes (b) onions (c) eggs  (d) bread (e) baked beans (f) salt (g) oil (h) sauce pan and make a cup of tea.

Notes: it contains protein, carbohydrate, and all sorts of vitamin, onions are very good for the eyes and body. 

  • You can spice up or add more different ingredients you like while preparing this.

  • For those who are allergy to any of the ingredients above, do not attempt to prepare it.

  • For those who haven't tried it before, it's safe and healthy to try it, then tell me what you think of it. 

a) tomatoes
(b) onions

(c) eggs
(d) baked beans 

2) diced or chop up your onions and tomatoes to your preference, then add a pinch of salt to give it taste.

3) Break and whisk your egg, then add a pinch of salt too and continue whiskey until the yolk and white is completely mix together.

4) Put a dry sauce pan on a hot stove, once hot pour a little oil into it, and let it hot for some time. 

5) Stir fry your mix onion and tomatoes

6) Just 1mins then pour in your whisked eggs, give it time to cook up, then stir the cooked part to the middle bringing the uncooked egg to the corners.

7) continue doing this after 25 seconds each stir.

8) Do this until your egg is all coked and ready to eat. Serve your egg.

9) Open your baked beans and pour it into your sauce pan to heat up or you can microwave it for 1 minute. 

Served on a plate

10) After the warmth, pour your baked beans on-top of your served egg.

11) Prepare your preferred beverages

12) Butter your bread or eat it like that.
                                                            Your breakfast is served.

Thanks so much for stopping by, please check back soon

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