Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Let it go...

Okay yo pretty, your face is the work of art!!
Hey lovely readers, How ya doing? Hope y'all havin a great time?, Me too. Its been a week i posted but now here is my new post called Let it go. Am letting go all my worries, stress and fears by laughing them all out, you should too!. I will be posting once a week now due to lack of time and ran out of clothings to style until my next shopping.

So far this is my favorite posting and pictures! i guess, i am so fierce in this look, keeping it simple, less make-up, pink and blue style. Last sunday morning as i was going out, my phone below slip from my hands and land face flat on the ground, what could possible happen??and now i got a crack screen plus i did not insured the phone its going a year and some months...am in soup.

The sun shine on the air today not a sweat to be found.:-) I have done some video, for about two weeks now but too lazy to put them together before i post them. Let me tell the truth; i like what am doing but i hate my videoosss. Really. LOL!!! Caught y'al soon...

Thanks for reading, visit soon!!!

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